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How to Use Amazon’s Author Central to Boost Your Book Sales

When you load up a book on Kindle or any other similar platform, you get a chance to tell prospects about the book. You give them reasons why they should buy the book. You tell them all the benefits of your book and why it will solve your prospects’ problem.

However, the one thing your prospects don’t learn about is you…

How to Create a Fiction Book

If you’ve already read “Earn More, Work Less, Get Famous,” then you know that I focused how you can create bestselling nonfiction books. And with good reason: nonfiction books tend to be easier to create for most people. That’s because all you have to do is find out what people want, do your market research to create something that’s a little better than the competing products, and get it created.

But fiction books are a little different.

Blast through Your To-Do List

Writing your next book is no fun when time keeps slipping away – You need a to-do list and a will of iron (or do you?). Here’s how to become a master of time and get more done every day…

An Author’s Guide To Social Influence

Borrowed Credibility, Labelling Techniques and courting controversy… All powerful weapons in the author/publishers arsenal – Here’s how to deploy them for maximum impact…