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Learning how to start a business creating and publishing successful books and products from the guy that has done it over 500 times and made millions of dollars in the process has to be the no-brainer of the year – The fact that this is written without any technical speak and is such an easy read makes it even more impressive. If you want to follow Simon and profit from the digital publishing revolution (at any level) this book is a must read.

You simply won’t find a better person to teach you on the planet and in Earn More, Work Less, Get Famous, Simon reveals how to literally make money out of thin air.

Jeremy Gislason –

Earn More Work Less Get Famous is the book that shows you how to make a lot of money while having fun – I highly recommend it to you because it comes from someone that I know personally practices what he preaches every day. What you’ll discover in these pages comes from solid experience and over 10 years selling digital products.

Quite frankly this is the only book you need to read about self publishing and the easiest way to change your financial circumstances for the better that you’ll ever get your hands on.

JP Schoeffel – Internet Marketing Solutions SARL

If you need money – a little or a lot, and if you want to make some dramatic changes to your lifestyle and to enjoy what you do EVERY single day then Earn More, Work Less, Get Famous is the answer

Simon has created a treasure map that can lead you to instant fame and fortune, and you need to read it – So to save you some time, I’m going to keep this short -In fact just three words are enough to summarize my thoughts about this book – BUY IT NOW!

Soren Jordansen – IM Wealth Builders Ltd

This was freakin awesome! I’ve made a lot of money online over the years, and this is one thing I never thought would really make any money. I see I was TOTALLY wrong. You have explained this tactic so well that anyone no matter what experience they have can do this and make money.

I mean just look at all the regular people who are doing this and making a killing with it. I bet if they would have had your Earn More Work Less Get Famous book they would have done it a lot quicker and a lot easier too!

Amazing job on creating something that anyone can make some money from! There’s no one better around to teach this stuff seeing as how many killer products you’ve sold over the years. You’re definitely the “go to guy” here! AWESOME!

Liz Tomey –

Simon has written an extremely informative and entertaining book! More importantly, it reveals the easy and genuine way how anyone can profit from digital publishing regardless of experience.

I love the many examples and stories in the book and I’m sure you will too. A great book you must read!

Ewen Chia #1 International Bestselling Author

Simon’s book is your secret map to get you to your buried treasure! It’s a resource that’ll help map a course on how to find a hungry niche market wanting to buy from you, to creating your own book or series of books, to showing the most effective ways to market, promote and advertise your book and ultimately on creating backend products to create additional incomes streams.   If you haven’t heard about it already, there is a Digital Revolution going on RIGHT NOW, and it’s not stopping anytime soon! And you know who is taking advantage of it . . . ? People like you and me, independent publishers – NOT the ‘Big’ Publishers! So what an opportunity then for you to get in on it as well. 

Did you know that the Kindle market alone is forecast to be a $16 BILLION market by 2016? Don’t you think you should start cashing in on that?   Well you can . . . if you read this book – it’ll tell you exactly how.

Eric V. Van Der Hope | #1 International Bestselling Author, Publishing & Book Marketing Strategist

Wow! This kept me glued to the page – I just couldn’t put it down until I hard read it cover to cover… I WILL be taking onboard the advice and tips you share and know my book sales are going to explode from here on in because of it.

In the past, I’ve read almost every book I could find on this topic and most just offer basic advice, ‘Earn More Work Less Get Famous’ really does cover ALL the bases and it should be #1 on EVERYONE’s reading list this year!

Randy Smith –

Earn More Work Less Get Famous is a very easy read, packed with massive amounts of useful info and tips but without making the reader feel like they have ‘information overload’

A huge take-away for me is how easy you make it for the anyone to get published in the Kindle store, this is a step by step guide at its best. (Since reading your book, my own book ‘Baby Steps Roadmap to Internet Marketing Success’ is now in Kindle format). The many ideas on expanding products, especially about selling in foreign languages, is the icing on the cake.

Kevin A Long –

Truly Ingenious! I have been planning to to publish my own book here in Malaysia, and I was unsure how to reach a wider international platform‘Earn More, Work Less, Get Famous’ has given me a lot of really brilliant ideas.

I already have my ‘backend funnels’ in place, so my main interest was driving the most book sales to begin with, your brilliant insights will be worth their weight in gold.

Edmund Loh –

‘Earn More, Work Less, Get Famous’ is a complete guide to solving your money worriess using a simple, proven system. Everything is explained exceptionally well and will work for anyone 100% just by following Simon’s advice.

This is about becoming a real author (of books, videos, audio, software and apps) without the stresses of working with traditional publishers and it can work even if you’ve never written two sentences together or never recorded a video with the cell phone. It’s a must read book for you and for your whole family! In this period of economic recession, it’s good to have a secure income, and that is what this book will teach you how to get.

Alessandro Zamboni –